Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend a Charger vs a NEMA 14-50 outlet?

The chargers are not only 5x faster but more efficient and convenient. You are able to use an app to dictate when and how your vehicle charges no matter when you plugin. You can even monitor and control remotely.

Why do you recommend a hardwire Charger vs a plug-in unit?

Hardwired chargers have a cleaner installation aesthetically, allowing for fewer trip hazards and more resistance to user error or power trips.

What if my panel is full and I don't have enough capacity for a charge?

The majority of the time this is not the case and we can consolidate your panel. In the event we do find you are at capacity, we will do everything we can including a sub-panel to ensure you are charging safely. If a panel upgrade is needed, we will make that transition seamless for you.

What does the average Charging Station installation cost?

Most standard PERMITTED installations to range from $750-$1300, not including the charger ($550-$800). The cost of installation includes labor and materials needed to add a new circuit and run wire to your charger. This is always done as aesthetically pleasingly as possible. Most installations require exposed conduit.

How long does an average EV car charger installation take?

Standard installation is approx 1-2 hours.

Do I need or what is the benefit of a permit?

Yes, all installations require a permit. EVCS will handle the entire permit process. All you need to do is be available for inspection. Permits provide you with safety and protection knowing that your installation is to code. Permits provide the necessary documentation in the event you ever have a warranty issue with the Charger or installation. Most homeowners insurance companies will need proof of a permit in the event there was ever a claim filed in relation to the Charger.

How do I schedule and how quickly can I get scheduled?

As soon as you provide us with the info we need, we will send you a proposal of work. Upon acceptance, we will schedule your installation the next day in most cases.

What if I live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse with shared walls?

We can still provide you with a proposal for work. You will need to get the HOA approval prior to us scheduling.

How do I start the process?